Painting The combination of experienced scientific personnel and modern instruments costitute a guarantee for the implementation of work in short time intervals,applying with international specifications ( ISO / BS / SSPC / NACE ) and offering the best financial and technological solutions.


Chemical tankers carry a wide variety of liquid cargoes in bulk such as chemical products, commodities (vegetable oil, fats, wines etc) and inorganic substances (phosphoric acids, caustic soda, etc).This complexity and particularity of their cargoes makes them a very special type of ship as the quality and purity of their cargoes throughout each voyage must be ensured.

Consequently, with the cargo tanks coating being in direct contact with the cargo, its quality and guarantee of proper application following strictly the thickness of each layer is of outmost importance for vessels life. The main two roles of cargo tank coating are:

  1. To create a separation barrier avoiding the direct contact between the steel of tank construction with the corrosive cargo substance.
  2. To always maintain a smooth/slippery surface in order to ensure maximum discharge efficiency as well as an easy tank cleaning operation.
The deep experience and different projects CORAL CORROSION CONTROL has delivered in cargo tanks coating field though out the years, guarantees to owners that their vessels will continue safely and uninterruptedly their trading after the completion of our work!

Combining our technical expertise with the latest market technologies we can guarantee the completion of your work within the agreed time intervals always following strictly the international standards ( ISO / BS / SSPC / NACE )!